One comment on “Azealia Banks bleaches her skin, says it is no different than a weave and she is ‘assimilating’

  1. I was surprised that I was unbothered by reading this. Everyone has a will and a choice to do what they want to themselves as long as it doesn’t harm and offend others. This young lady bleaching her skin does run along the lines of butt implants, breast implants, hair weave and so on. Enhancing what you don’t have, buying what you don’t have and getting what God didn’t didn’t give you. Not saying it’s right for “me” but it works for “HER”. Everyone is quick to criticize but behind closed door or trapped deep in our minds if we could afford certain things in this world we would buy flatter stomachs. Bigger butts. Longer hair that appears to grow directly from our scalps. We would even buy a specific lifestyle if we could afford it. Let the chile live. God is the only true judge.


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